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I am made of anti-awesome.

I am an idiot.

I accidentally deleted all of my brushes instead of the ones I was pruning. I know, it takes a real mental-giant to do that. Don't I feel special?

In any case, I figure that this is something of a good thing. I'd lost my resource list a long time ago, and I had a lot of brushes that I downloaded when I first started and there were just some really ... unpleasant things sticking around.


Needless to say, no new icons for a day or so as I compile a new brush list, try to find all of my old ones that I actually still use and compile a resource list to properly credit those I borrow intelligence and creativity from.



You are so cute. If you need any brushes, I think I've thousands *bag* and I might also be able to direct you to some.

Funny thing, though, I think I had way way way too many brushes which was making my computer run slow so I spent an hour pruning this weekend too.
There is stuff I'm looking for. Ever notice that most tiny text is just bleh? -.-

These are actually good ones I had. I NEED TO FIND THESE. <== Crying

There it is again. XD

I will be so so so sad if I can't find that one again.

OMG If I don't find that one again ... ug.

I liked that one.

I am so sad.